St. Luke University Parish

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Photo credit: J. Maconochie Photography, Erhardt Construction

Location: Allendale, MI

Architect: Integrated Architecture

Contractor: Erhardt Construction

Square Footage: 18,000

Construction Cost: $6,000,000

St. Luke University Parish, the Catholic campus ministry to Grand Valley State University as well as the local parish in Allendale, required a new space to accommodate the growing student population, the increasing number of young families, and room for continued future growth. The $6-million project consisted of two buildings- a beautiful new 14,000 square-foot chapel building with flexible worship space to accommodate 400 people, among numerous other spaces; and, a separate 4,000 square-foot three-suite Rectory. The design team collaborated to deliver a cost-effective design using sustainable materials. Both structures are primarily wood-framed. The expressive architectural design of the steep-pitched chapel roof utilizes a structural solution of exposed wood and steel trusses that are also visible from the exterior through the large windows.