Midtown Hotel

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Photo credit: Integrated Architecture, Pioneer, Vos Glass, Paul Hart Photography

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Architect: Integrated Architecture

Contractor: Pioneer Construction

Square Footage: 100,000

Construction Cost: $21,000,000

This new 140-room hotel resides alongside the Medical Mile in Grand Rapids and consists of a 5-story hotel on top of a 3-story, 200-space parking garage. The hotel has a pool and a 2000 square-foot terrace, both situated at the fourth floor. The lower levels include parking and hotel amenity space, and consist of a precast concrete structure. The precast rises to the fourth floor, which serves as a platform/transfer level for the upper floors. The upper levels are framed of load-bearing metal studs and precast hollow-core plank floor structure. The project utilizes zero-lot-line foundations, as well as large mat foundations at the lateral-resisting stair and elevator cores.