Kent County Jail

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Photo credit: Tower Pinkster; OAK Construction

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Architect: Tower Pinkster

Contractor: Owen, Ames & Kimball

Square Footage: 140,000

Construction Cost: $27,000,000

The Kent County Correctional Facility Expansion and Renovation Project was designed to meet two challenges the county was facing- an increased need for additional space and outdated facilities. The project included demolition of the oldest portions of the original jail; extensive renovation of outdated, decade’s old additions; and a new 3-story, 100,000 square feet, 320-bed addition. The work was completed in phases allowing the facility to remain fully occupied and operational during construction.

While concrete masonry was desirable for durability, low maintenance, fire resistivity and security purposes, it also proved highly beneficial as a structural material. High-strength units and grout, along with considerable reinforcing steel, created a worthy load-bearing system capable of resisting the heavy building weight consisting of solid-grouted 12” CMU and precast floor plank.