Holiday Inn Battle Creek

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Location: Battle Creek, MI

Architect: Design Plus (now Progressive AE)

Contractor: GDK Construction

Square Footage: 80,000

Construction Cost: N/A

The Holiday Inn of Battle Creek is a 5-story structure that, in addition to 120 guest rooms, also houses a restaurant, indoor pool, and full conference facilities.

The structure is steel-framed with precast hollow-core floor and roof plank. The upper levels are framed with the innovative Girder Slab ™ composite steel and precast system. This system was chosen to minimize floor to floor heights and structure clearance, and also to allow the underside of the precast plank to be used as the ceiling. The lowest level of steel framing is a conventional steel-framed transfer level, transferring the upper level columns- positioned for the guest rooms- to the main level columns- positioned for the main level guest services. The lateral system is braced frames. The foundations are founded on a soil-improved Aggregate Pier system.