GVSU Seidman Center

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Photo credit: Integrated Architecture; Pioneer Construction; Paul Hart Photography

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Architect: Integrated Architecture

Contractor: Pioneer Construction

Square Footage: 120,000

Construction Cost: 33,000,000

The GVSU L. W. Seidman Center is a new four-story LEED-certified building located alongside the Grand River on GVSU’s downtown Grand Rapids campus, and houses the school’s College of Business. The project consisted of the Brownfield redevelopment of a previously developed and contaminated site, including the demolition of an abandoned four-story concrete building.

The new structure consists of four levels of structural steel framing with composite concrete slabs and a steel truss mansard roof. Building foundations presented the largest challenge, as the in-situ soils were not adequate for supporting the building. The ground improvement system of Controlled Modulus Columns was utilized to stiffen the existing soils, providing a suitable subgrade for conventional shallow foundations. A four foot thick base partially consisting of crushed concrete from the existing building acted as a load distribution “platform” between the building foundations and the CMC’s.