Flushing High School – New Athletic Center

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Photo credit: Kingscott and Tippett Photography

Location: Flushing, MI

Architect: Kingscott

Contractor: Wolgcast Corporation

Square Footage: 45,000

Construction Cost: $10,000,000

Flushing High School’s New Athletic Center, Raider Fieldhouse, is a new $10-million state-of-the-art facility that features a beautiful competition gymnasium, an indoor elevated running track that wraps the upper level, a modern weight room that overlooks the playing floor, team locker rooms and a multitude of other rooms and support spaces. The project centers around a 15,000 square-foot arena that more resembles a college arena than that of a high school. With a towering 44-foot ceiling above the court, the arena has seating for 1,700 and a total capacity of 2,000. The roof structure is supported by two 12-foot deep, 145-foot-span custom fabricated steel super-trusses. Exposed structure is everywhere, and even highlighted architecturally, revealing structural steel framing and columns, steel roof joists and metal roof deck, concrete masonry walls and precast concrete floor plank.