DeVos Center at GVSU

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Photo credit: Design Plus, Pionner Construction

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Architect: Design Plus (now Progressive AE)

Contractor: Pioneer Construction

Square Footage: 255,000

Construction Cost: 42,000,000

The Richard DeVos School of Business at GVSU was designed to increase the University’s presence in the downtown (Grand Rapids) area, allow easier accessibility for working professionals who wanted to continue their education, and revitalize the local neighborhood. The sprawling new graduate school houses over 250 faculty and administrative offices, numerous classrooms, student gathering and study areas, conference rooms, an auditorium and exhibition hall, a food services area, and graduate library with an automated storage system.

The massive five-story complex is supported by a steel-framed structure and relies heavily on reinforced concrete masonry to support the dominant brick veneer façade and arches.